Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meet Lysan Ty

Sorry that it's taken this long to finish this project. I have been totally under the weather.
I had a few things go wrong and ended up with pneumonia, Pink eye and now a
Kidney infection. When it rains it pours. I'm on the mend and I wanted to
post Lysan Ty. This is my little Asian baby who will be getting a very special
Christmas gift from her American friend. I hope to have her all prettied up by weeks end.
Snow balls are a coming!!!! Have a great day everyone!


Michelle Henninger said...

Hey V - Sorry to hear you've been so ill. I hope you're feeling better!! Despite being so ill, you're still able to produce awesome illos! I can't wait to see more of Lysan Ty!! :-)

Mônica said...

Oh, Vanessa, I hope you're feeling better! I've had periods like that, when my immune system just seems to take a nap and I get a bit of everything.

Lysan Ty is adorable! And she got art supplies! :-)

I'm sure the final, color piece will be wonderful, but I love this sketch!

Linda said...

very nice drawing--hope you're much better! love the character you've created