Sunday, January 31, 2010

Character Study on Shayla

Meet Shayla. I was working last year on a character for a book
and they didn't use her, but I keep her around for instant inspiration.
I had fun creating her. I have a story in mind as well.

Finding the Magic

A faerie holds a early morning sun beam in her hand and marvels at its perfection.

The wonder of it is it's elusiveness for it can not be captured only adored.

This is true of any real and precious treasure, as any wise faerie knows.

I did this on the computer and I have posted the method on my demo page; address to follow.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inner Child

Hello everybody!
Have I missed WaWe. Hope everyone is having an awesome new year.
This is an illustration I just finished for one of Jennifer Poulter's poster poems. The inner me was always daydreaming and trying to work out the world in my mind.

Goauche and coloring pencil.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Celebrating Our Differences

This image (double click on image to see it larger) is watercolor on Yupo paper, a very slick watercolor paper that I've just started experimenting with. It's pretty forgiving & you can push the pigment & washes around and pull them back up, but it's also a little frustrating because the washes & pigments come up so easily. It took an hour to work just the faces--they went through a lot of changes, some not so cute!
My childhood was filled with Golden and Peterpan records on a portable record player. I could never find the little yellow inserts that went into the 45's so they wobbled while they played. I loved going to Toyland!!! All I had to do was say the magic words. Haluna, Haluna, fe fi fo to the land of toys I wish to go. And then the man on the record would ask, " Are you there yet???" he he he he! Pixie sticks and other treats, the circus and clowns and fairies! Hours of jacks with my sister Coy and paddle ball contest! Yes and hours of Star Trek, Lost in Space, Ultra Man, Petticoat Junction, The Addams Family, The Monsters, I Love Lucy, Hazel, Top Cat, Bugs Bunny
Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse, and the list goes on.
Gee those were the days!
Have a good one!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Magic Class

As the world grows smaller faeries come in all colours and when faeries are very new they all go to school. Here they are taking a magic class tied together with ribbon so as they do not get lost.
This is for WAWE diversity.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

colored pencil drawing progression

Just wanted to show where I am at this point on the colored pencil drawing, which I'm calling Mardi Gras Dog. I'm slowly building up the colored pencil, and I'm working with a limited palette. The cross over area where her right hand is under her left hand is giving me trouble. I love drawing hands, but that area looks like her right hand is bending akwardly (rather than it being two different hands). I'm fairly pleased with the overall result, but it's not finished yet and I don't want to rush it. I'll post again after getting further into the drawing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Medium-Paper Angel

This is something I did on a free software art is definitely not a medium I am comfortable with. It took an unbelievable amount of time to do this but I sort of like it. Don't know if I will be doing it very much but you never know.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Year of the Tiger

Happy new year. The year of the tiger is about to begin and he is flying in arriving by balloon. This is also a change of medium for me this was done in the computer.

A New Medium

This is from a pencil sketch that I want to submit to SCBWI for a spot illustration...Linda's post gave me the idea of putting some colored pencil to it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A new medium

I like drawing with ink. I like painting with watercolours. Combining both together is still new to me, so I'm going to improve it this year. Which one of them to apply first? What kind of paper to use? Advices and recommendations are very welcome!
Sarah couldn't wait to get to Kenya's house for their playdate.
She wanted to play with all the wonderful gifts that Kenya and her
parents brought back with them from their vacation in African.
Of course Kenya brought back many delicious things for her best
friend Sarah! he he he!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Celebrating the New Year

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2010, full of happiness, health and peace (and lots of illustrations!)

We just got back from a two week trip to Brazil to visit my family and we had a lovely time!

Celebrating the New Year

I'm celebrating the New Year by challenging myself to work toward several goals: lose weight, master the color pencil, and enter more exhibitions. This image is Prismacolor, and I usually only work in color pencil monochromatically. It's in its very beginning stage. I want to push myself to learn how to use the medium with full color. I've even joined Colored Pencil Society of America! I've used a reference photo for this image that I took at the last PAWS Mardi Gras Pet Parade. I loved the relationship between the bulldog & his happy owner.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New media

Still hard at work on my book. It is going much slower than I like, but the pages I have done I really like and am very happy with them.

I couldn't find a good cradle with any reference so I went out and bought some clay. I only needed a little but the smallest box was 10 pounds. So now I have about 9 3/4 lbs of clay left!

Above is my reference for my nature baby in his cradle. I didn't sculpt the face, and the clay needs to dry beor I can paint it. But now I have reference so I can push forward with more book drawings. Baby is in about a third of all images including the cover!

Wish me luck and creative flowing productive energy, the deadline looms!!! LOL


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Medium

I'm doing a CD album cover and also the sleeves for this local band (Hollywood Nobody), will be titled "Everything Happens for a Reason". I've been messing around with new media for this little project, and it's exciting!

I made up a little scene here: the girl is wondering why the sun doesn't rise early and why the moon doesn't shine more brightly, it's because "everything happens for a reason". Sorry for those annoying little notes...

This is not final, only a little preview, but i hope they'll like my work so far. The CD will be released next month (i'm excited because it will be released in Asia too!), so... wish me luck!

I'm so sorry i've been busy, see you later WaWe!!!!!
This is Mama Bear. She is made with collage and mixed on canvas.
I had such fun doing this little project. I really enjoy trying all kinds
of media to see how they will work both together and separately.
I'm always trying some new products. I used painty pens to do this.
Stinky, but I love them!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Beginnings

Chad had to give the Christmas tree one more big hug before his dad put it out on the curb.
His father knew that Christmas was really special to him, but didn't expect this kind of
reaction! Chad knew that the Christmas tree being put out for garbage day meant that
his two week holiday vacation was really over and that school was back in session!
Happy January everyone!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

This is an image for the cover of January 2010 Stories for Children Magazine--I finally got to do a cover! I used an image that I'd done earlier & added to it. The sad thing is they're going out of business after March 2010. I'll miss them--I've been illustrating for them for over a year now. They'll be missed... oops, I've been messing with the blog colors--let me know if they don't read well.