Monday, September 29, 2008

Tulips and Zinnias and Daffodils . . . oh my!

This was last week's prompt, but mostly intended for the scbwi contest (due tomorrow). It was so hard to get the colors right. I feel pretty good about the way it turned out but, as often happens, the colors aren't nearly as vibrant on the computer as they are on paper. I keep looking at it and liking a lot, but also seeing all of the mistakes. It's harder, I think, when I know that I'm sending this in to be judged, something that I want to show as my very best, and yet I don't feel that satisfaction that it was. Sigh. But I'm glad for the experience and opportunity. Just coming up with the idea was a struggle in itself.  

Sunday, September 28, 2008

happy birthday...

...from a mysterious stranger who has a high-hat of chocolate cake.

Happy Birthday!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Manly Happy Birthday

I thought Richard might like a nice manly birthday greeting, with lots of bold color and fire. ha ha

I know I'm late for the birthday, so I hope it was a happy one.

Happy Birthday!

Close your eyes and make a wish! Happy birthday, Richard! :-)

OT Orphan Works Bill Alert

Senate is hotlining the Orphan Works Bill!
Contact your Senators today and tell them to vote NO!

Take Action! Visit this page:

We need you to contact your Senator immediately to oppose S. 2913. Word from Senator Leahy's office today that Senators Leahy and Hatch are pushing the Senate to hotline S.2913, "The Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act of 2008" today or this weekend! There is a possibility that Leahy's Orphan Works bill may be tacked onto another economic bill related to current events and quickly passed first by the Senate and then by the House.

Senator Leahy has just released an amendment to his bill, but the amendment still does not include the Notice of Use (NOU) nor an archive of NOU filings. Without the Notice of Use provision, the Graphic Artists Guild continues to oppose the Senate Orphan Works bill, S. 2913

Happy Birthday to Richard and to Bloggy.

This week's prompt is very timely for me, because you see today is the 1st birthday of my blog! I don't expect your brother is 1, but you did say there's room for interpretation!
Happy birthday Richard! Happy birthday Blog!

!happy leafy birthday to richard!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


"Happy Birthday"

Happy Birthday to Richard, hope you had a great day! 

happy birthdayyy

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I actually have an illo for last week's prompt, but the colors aren't quite what I want them to be, so I'll post that one later this week. THIS illo is one I did when I first started getting serious about illustrating. It was fun to do. I feel like I've improved since then, however (isn't that a nice feeling?).

Watercolor Wednesday "Happy Birthday"

Happy Birthday to you. May all your birthday wishes come true!

Happy Birthday!

Everyone loves a good birthday party. =)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lion, Tiger, and Bear

What Can These Little Bears See? Oh my!

A lion? A tiger? What can these little bears see?!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Clucker and Crawler and Flyer

I drew this last Wednesday and then just couldn't find time to paint it. Tonight I decided I needed to escape to my studio and just kick back. This was fun. So many wonderful ideas to this prompt.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Lion, A Tiger, A Bear...

I combined WW's prompt & Monday Artday word "band." Eventually, I'm going to add a background on this--just wanted to post it before too late.

bear, bear and bear

i'm really worried about polarbears. will be they migratory like birds?

autumn and dragons and leaves

I've posted this a bit bigger here

wishing everyone a lovely week!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slugs, and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails ...

Not quite as frightening as Lions, Tigers, and Bears, but definitely, squishy, squirmy and dirty!

Content and Frustrated and Mad Oh My

She's content and frustrated and mad oh my! Okay, I know, I've really stretched this one! he he he he

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lions and tigers and bears oh my...

Minus the lion, add a man, giraffe, snake, cat and a mouse.

Here is a spread from the book I've been working at finishing. I was at work by dawn and up until 3 AM for most of the last two weeks. I hope to catch up on all the prompts I missed now that I have time to breath. I miss being here.


This is an oldy but I wanted to put something up--it's been one of those weeks! Have a great one everyone...hugs to all!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Island Dancing

"With the embarrassing seatbelt-extension episode on the plane forgotten, Ella had a great time learning the hula."

I had a great time with this illo. I kind of liked the colors that happened. I inked this first, then painted with gouache. When dry, I held it under a stream of warm water and let it wash off the extra paint. I had some happy accidents when the paint washed off in patches in the sky making clouds.

I've really been inspired by everyone this last 2 weeks. I haven't taken the time to comment as I have started 3 classes and put in overtime at work this last week, but I've loved them all. Good job everyone!


I'm actually more of a spring/summer kind of person, but fall is my husband's favorite season, so I thought I'd do a little dancing for fall. :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dancing :)

Hello :)
Here is my "Dancing"

Saturday, September 13, 2008


My youngest daughter ADORES her ballet/tap class, so I found myself unable to resist doing a ballet piece.

Dancing with Daddy

My dad was wonderful! Even though he only had brothers growing up, he still took the time to do girly things with me (because he knew I liked them) like playing with dolls and DANCING! I loved twirling around in dresses with him and having him catch me from on top of the couch.

I wanted to draw a different ethnicity here and tried to make them look hispanic, but I'm not sure how well I pulled it off (based on my husband's opinion). I LOVE black hair, but I don't like painting it nearly as much as I love reds and browns (and even blonds) since I can't put in the variations of colors that I like. Do you have any suggestions about painting black hair?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Take your partner by the hand...

Dance class

Wednesday is Dance Class Day! My daughter takes her Creative Movement class in the morning. And several months ago I sketched some poses as I peeked through the studio window. So I re-did one in color for this prompt. She loves the arabesque.

dance? yes!

linda sarah

Flamenco Dancing!

I've been away quite a bit recently so it's been a while since I've posted, but when I saw the prompt 'dancing' I couldn't resisit posting this one. It's one I'd already painted and I do love Flamenco!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

'Umbrella' & 'Dancing'

Hi everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying much creativity, apologies for the lapse in posting. When I joined I had high hopes of contributing consistently but life got in the way - I know we're all busy, so no excuse :> Anyhow, I'm happy to be contributing this week! I'm playing catch up though, so my entry is for last week's prompt 'umbrella' and the current one 'dancing'.

I think all the hurricane watches this past month have impacted my whole being here in Southwest Texas and so I have rain very much on my mind, hence the window view above. Good news is, I just found out that we're only going to get the tail-end of 'Ike' here by Saturday...

Have a great weekend y'all!!

sufi dance

in a cute way, though. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ballerina Posey

My very first Posey Pig illustration, dancing to her own beat!
Have a great week everyone. =)


When I was a child I wanted to do ballet, but because of my height I was recommended to better do athletic sports. *umpf
Maybe thats why the little girl looks a bit concerned if she's doing right.
@ all Have a great week! ;)

pas de deux :)

my twins, of course :) aren't they look like dancing?
you can here - if you like - an amazing music by tchaikovsky.

Watercolor Wednesday "Dancing"

I have a wonderful friend of mine who is an excellent dancer. Watching her is a real treat!
Another friend just opened his own dance school in New York and for opening night
I was asked to create these illustrations. Hope you like them. By the way his school is
doing very well. It's called Footprints.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Noah's Umbrella

Before receiving further instruction, Noah proceeded to prepare for the flood. His wife had always wanted a pink, polka-dotted umbrella anyway.

I like the idea (my husbands) and I like Noah, but I don't necessarily like how this all turned out. What are your thoughts? How would you have done it (perspective, colors, etc -- I chose to make the umbrella pink since I had one when I was in kindergarten and LOVED it; I don't think it really worked here)? Also, my husband tends to be a lot like Mr. Knightly (Emma), always saying things like, "You've drawn her too tall." When do you feel like you're done with an illo? Do you feel like a failure when you could have done better but choose to put it aside anyway?

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Part Beatrix Potter tribute (maybe a little too Victorian spy bunny?), part umbrella


I'm finally back... YEAH! And since I missed participating so much, I was compelled to post two illos for the prompt....

Hoping for a Sunny Day