Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Question about copyright

Hello fellow WAWEs,
Some of you might be able to answer a question I've got.  I want to show on my blog some images from an old picture book (1963) illustrated by William Stobbs.  It's a fabulous book and there are no images from it anywhere on the web - I think it's been forgotten.  The publishers are no longer publishing anything, but were acquired by another company.  I wrote to them asking for permission, but I'm just wondering, is this necessary if I'm planning to acknowledge the artist and publisher?  I read somewhere that it's OK to publish images from a book if you are promoting or reviewing it, but I'm not sure.  Any advice would be welcome.

This is a picture I did recently for the Tomi de Paola award (I didn't win, damn!) which shows Heidi seeing snow on the Alps for the first time - I thought that fit the theme OK!


Carla said...

Hello Gay.

On my blog, I give full acknowledgement to the artist who created the illustration with a link to their web site.


Then I send an email letting them know I posted it and that I will IMMEDIATELY remove it at their request.

Of course, I get replies like "I am honored! And thanks for letting know."

Hope this helps.

Sophie said...

I entered the TDP contest too-and didn't win either. But it was fun to do.

You have an interesting perspective with the village in the background.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Beautiful piece. Something so wonderfully retro about it. Great work.

Gay McKinnon said...

Thanks all, & thanks for that advice Carla. V, I'm hoping that retro will stay trendy, because I don't mean to make things look retro but I can't help it!

Anonymous said...

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