Friday, September 23, 2011

Standing up to the School Bully by Michelle Krasny

The tables have turned! Also I'm having serious scanner issues, what do you guys use to get such beautiful digital representations of your watercolors?


Rosy said...

I gave up on my scanner months ago went to using a digital camera instead, then upload using a photo editor program just to brighten up my photos, resizing photos if needed to be.

Love these two little boys here, great art work!

Melissa Mackie said...

You need a good scanner and photoshop or something like photoshop. Photoshop or the like can brighten an original illustration that has been dulled by the scanner by playing with the colour settings.

Great illustration!

Art Appreciation said...

fun image! I use Photoshop Elements. I sometimes scan (if it's small) & sometimes shoot with digital, but always take the artwork into Photoshop Elements to "enhance".