Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Banner Illustrators

We still need banner illustrators for August through December 2012. Post a comment here if you're interested in doing an illustration for a particular month. (Your art is used one time only and all rights remain with the illustrator.) Banners are assigned "first come, first serve".
I signed up for July, but if someone else really what's that one, I'll be glad to do another month.


pat said...

I thought I might sign up for July, first because I did July in 2010, (I think)...second because it seems to have obvious themes...For that reason, I would like to take August, because it's not quite as easy a month to define...
Also, Linda, would you take a look at my last post (Paper Angel) and see if some of the comments were sort of weird...I checked the blog spots on three and they were pretty much anonymous...maybe nothing to it but I thought it was strange. So long for now...Pat

Linda Kay said...

Pat, thanks for signing up for August--I'll put you down & I'll check on the posts. We have had some weird posts & I'm usually afraid to click on them...maybe I'll just delete them when I get that feeling.
Thanks again, Linda

pat said...

Good deal,Linda...seven months should be enough time though odds are I will start it about July 29th. I think there may be another spammer post on the New Year's illo...this one is by someone who has his blog listed as "promosyon." "Promotion," maybe? The blog is like all the other weird posts....pretty much anonymous.