Thursday, May 3, 2012

When posting...

WaWe members, when posting please title your illustration with the title of the piece followed by your name. For example, "Horses in the Wind" by Linda Snider Ward. We have 80+ members and although the majority do not post on a regular basis, viewers want to know who did what. We don't want them to have to hunt for your name--anyway, be proud of your work--you're all amazing!
Linda Snider Ward
Watercolor Wednesdays (WaWe) administrator

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Anne-Marie said...

Hi Linda,
I am trying to connect the blogs I post on and am wondering if you would change my log on email from to My name by the way is, Anne-Marie Perks and I haven't posted for a while.

Let me know and thank you!

I also see you have some opening for blog banner? One is for October - I would love to sign up for that one if it's still available.