Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Alice in Wonderland by Penny Noble
I haven't joined in much lately as my 93 year old Mother broke her foot and her mind has fallen down the Rabbit hole with Alice. My family and I are taking care of her at home. So time consuming but worthwhile.She took good care of me!


pat said...

This is really good. I know your situation with your Aunt is a serious one but the rabbit hole metaphor is hilarious...hope everything works out okay.

A Penny for Your Thoughts said...

Thanks for getting it! I was afraid I would offend some people with my twisted sense of humor. It is so unconfortable you have to find something to laugh at!

Anonymous said...

I'm so enjoying your site! I just found it. How is your Aunt now? I hope that she is better and as for the metaphor, we understand and sometimes it helps to think of it in a different light. I do hope that she is better!