Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snow White Sketch from V

Hello everyone. I finally got a chance to do these two illustrations.
It's been more than crazy for me, but I really do love this blog.
You ladies are a support and what I look forward to each week. Let me
know your thoughts PLEASEEEEE!!!


Lyon said...

Adorable. I love what you've started with. Watch the tangents. The tip of the crown and the frame on the bottom picture and the picture frame and the top of the head on the top picture. Great start.

(PS I'm sorry for all the trouble you've been going through. Call me if you wanna talk.)

lil kim said...

Hello watercolourers - We got a comment from Linda over at the Creative Cup blog to link to you - just wanted to tell you it's done! (sorry for the delay, didn't see the comment until recently)
thanks and keep up the bloggy love- Some great and inspiring work posted here!

angelic pursuits said...

Vanessa, those really are great and have your mark on them already. I love the attitude. And I hope things with your personal life get more manageable. Good luck!

Linda said...

Vanessa: Snow White is very pretty & your lines are very graceful. Great job with her!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Wow! I love all the details in the portrait. Bravo girl! I couldn't get my act together to participate in this one and I REALLY wanted too!
Keep plugging away... and maybe I will get mine up one of these days too. =)