Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Cleaners Lair ( Strange things in the Cupboard)

Uncle Roscoe knew that he to come clean
about his minty freshness.
Truth is He was Tammy's Candy pusher by day
and the Cleaner by night! Tammy was a nosey child.
She found Uncle Roscoe's Secret Lair in the Wardrobe.
Oh the shame.


Linda Kay said...

love it! Candy pusher! So cute, so fun, great image!

Michelle Henninger said...

You know I love your stuff V!! That look on Tammy's face is fantastic! You really have a way of capturing the perfect gestures and expressions! Caught ya Uncle Roscoe! (Is he related to P. Coltrane?) LOL!

Gay McKinnon said...

Love the look on her face! (and the fab jars of candy on top) Uncle Roscoe looks spookily like someone I know. That's a worry!

Leen Christens said...

Very lovely!!! I'm not sure if I can follow the story behind it, but looking at the little girl's expression she could say "oh, oh, you've did it again!" Super! :)