Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Unexpected "Sea"prise!

Sorry, I know that title was a groaner, but I just adore groaners!!

Morgan LeGraw knew her sister Sophia was obsessed with "Saving the Animals."  But she was NOT expecting to find this in the closet when she reached in to grab a jacket.  A few of her sisters stuffies shoved in the corner, maybe, but a whole aquarium, sea life, Sophia and all ... no, that she wasn't expecting.


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

MAHHHHHAHA HA HAH A HA HAH HA HAH AHA!! This takes the cake! I love it. Thanks for making me laugh out loud. I just adore your imagination girly!

Linda Kay said...

great goodness sea monsters! love it--love the movement & the expression...very good response & good story idea!

Gay McKinnon said...

This totally cracked me up - so clever to think of putting the sea in there and so well drawn. It gives all sorts of wonderful ideas for picture books doesn't it (I am just picking everybody's brains here, haha!)

Leen Christens said...

What a great idea!! And lovely painted. They must have amazingly big closets. :)