Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brothers :)

I did this little piece yesterday. Three happy brothers playing in the sand!
(winsor & Newton on Montval)


Maxine Lee Illustration said...

Lovely, Pernilla - very delicate. I recognise your work without having to even see your name - fab...haha x

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

what fun this illustration is. I love the subject and the softness of the piece. Great work.

Sandy K. said...

Oh how I wish I could draw/paint. I photograph, which is as close as I can get to creative imaging. This would be a lovely illustration to children's poetry, or maybe a story about a trip to the shore. Lovely.

Linda Kay said...

nice soft colors & I like the egg-shaped format

Pernilla Dufwenberg said...

Hi Maxi(ne):):)Thank you for your comment. I´ve looked around at your blog and You´re so talented for ex I love your pattern design and your editorial illustrations!Hope to hear from you at LAC soon (Have You only the last brief left to do?)/Pernilla

Pernilla Dufwenberg said...

Thank You Vanessa :)
I´ve visit Your blog and I totally love your illustrations. They are filled with life and happiness. I love your little tamborine-girl. Lovely!!/Pernilla

Pernilla Dufwenberg said...

Hi Sandy!
Thank You for Your sweet comment!
Oh how I would love to have Your talent as a photograper!!!! I have visited Your blog and I think You take the most wonderful pictures of humans, landscapes, animals, buildings...The hole world is in your blog! It´s so exiting and I will visit it soon again. :)

Pernilla Dufwenberg said...

Hi Linda! Thank You so much!
Do You have a website or blog...I´m a bit curious as a new member here :)

Linda Kay said...

Pernilla: Yes, all members have a blog and/or website. You can click on the members name (left side of WaWe blog) & go straight to that person's site. Glad you've joined us!