Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Membership is Growing!

We are now eleven members strong and growing. Today is our first day! We welcome new members.


Issi said...

Hello :o)
Thank you very much for invitation, its very a nice for me. I would like to start with Watercolor Wednesdays :o)
Best Wishes,
Issi :o)

peachtreeart said...

I would like to join. Thanks

peachtreeart said...

I haven't been accepted yet but I thought I would illustrate Thumbelina.

pat said...

I commented on a recent post about joining WaWe (Amberbop's Dec. 1, 2009 post) but haven't heard anything yet. I was afraid my comment may get lost in the shuffle so I thought I would try this post...
My name is Pat Gibbs. My email is My blog is
Hope to hear from you soon as I'd like to post the snow scene prompt.
Pat Gibbs

Leen Christens said...


I would like to join Watercolor Wednesdays!