Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I just love watching children play , but girls take the cake!
They are so full of drama and I find this hilariously funny and cute.
I got this while watching my niece Chyna playing with her friends
at school!


Michelle Henninger said...

I love it V! What a fun illo! Can I join their party? Pleeease!! :)

This piece has great movement, and you've done such a nice job with their expressions! Well done lady!!

angelic pursuits said...

Your cheeks and clothes are always excellent. No matter how hard I try, I can't do it anywhere as well as you. They do look like they're having fun. Ahhh. To be a kid again where worries disappear with the moment. You've captured it perfectly.

Mônica said...

These girls are full of energy! I too love your clothes, Vanessa. They are always colorful and fun and original!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Bravo! You know I love this piece, takes me back to childhood (i would have been the one in the tutu).

krisztina maros said...

it's so delightful, Vanessa! very lovely.

Linda said...

Vanessa, your children are always so great! These are adorable--I can hear there noise & playfulness

Dee said...

Oh, the costumes, the energy, the drah-ma! Wonderful piece, Vanessa! It completely captures what little girls are all about during pretend play. :)

You are such a master at expressing dynamic and unique faces.

Issi said...

Its super, great job,
Best Wishes,