Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Wofie or Happy Anniversary WaWe

Red thought that a truce should be called between she and Wofie.
She purchased a cupcake for the old devil and sang the Happy Birthday song!
Wofie was happily surprised! Happy 1st Anniversary WaWe!!!!


Linda Kay said...

love it! so happy & beautiful colors!

Diandra Mae said...

Beautiful as always Vanessa! I love their expressions and your palette is just delish. :)

*sigh* I have so much going on this month! I'm still painting and such, I just can't get the time to post for this blog. Once August comes things will improve, I promise!

Happy Anniversary, everyone. I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

Heather said...

Great Vanessa! And Congrats on being the anniversary month winner!

Janine said...

I love that kind of story-ending much better than the one of brothers grimm

R.Dress said...

Wow this one scores major points for me! I love the postage stamps and the joyful expression on Red's face.

Michelle Henninger said...

Congratulations V on winning the contributor of the year!! You really do rock honey!! You're always there to bolster up a low hanging chin! And your work is always fun, and exciting!

Just like this wonderful Little Red and groovin' Wolf illo! I love the swing of her hair!

Congrats again!