Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm so sorry!

I really, really meant to catch up. Honest I did. I don't know how the time keeps slipping away from me. (Yes I do -- I am an internet junkie -- but we won't go there.)

I have even lagged behind in my daily doodle challenge. My blog is where I have been posting the doodles. Check it out and leave a comment, please, even if it's only to say you've been there.

The boy crying is today's daily doodle. There are three rules. I have to use a felt tip marker. There is no erasing of mistaken lines allowed. It has to be completed in 30 minutes or less.

PS. The white text on the dark blue background is too hard for my old lady eyes to read Can we change it to something else? Please?


Linda Kay said...

Hi Wendy/Lyon! I really like that you're challenging yourself to a daily drawing--I've been meaning to do that myself but so far have not--you're doing great & I like the crying boy! I changed the color of the blog but not sure if that helped your eyes--let me know & I'll play with it.
On another note, not sure what's going on but Blogger is checking out our WW site because they thought it might be a spam site--??? Should be corrected soon. Meanwhile, they say we can't post anything. Hopefully, it'll be taken care of in a few hours. Congrats Wendy on challenging yourself w/out the mighty erasure!

Sandy K. said...

How cute...and innocent...and exactly how I feel some days! A daily challenge sounds intimidating, but very worthwhile.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Boy is this a picture!!! Hee hee hee heee! I know the feeling. Sometime I just want to do the same. This is so cute and a moment captured. I know how it is honestly I do. I know that you to have been under the weather and getting better. How are you feeling these day??? Hope that you are doing well my friend. All is well here in Jersey. Are you planning to go the SCBWI Conference in the city this Winter??? I may try to go if you are going.

Lyon said...

How about we be roommates if we go. My biggest issue with the trip is finding a room and not having to pay full price for it.

I do hate so being with a stranger in a room. I've done it before, but I'm always worried about doing it! LOL.

I'll need to have a seriously successful fall/winter tour season to afford it though. The medical bills took a huge chunk out of my savings.

I am 99% back to normal. My ribs are still healing but I don't need pain killers, just have to be careful not to overdo it physically. Thanks for asking!

Lyon said...

The gray is better, thanks! I am still having trouble reading the links in the red though.

What could possibly have been flagged on this site of all things? Weird.