Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vacation Woes

Percy was Grassafield Zoo's most famous Cinnamon Bear. He came to the zoo when he was a cub, and he'd been there for well over ten years now. And for well over ten years now, he ate fish and berries each and every day. Percy was tired of eating fish, and berries. As a matter of fact, he was tired of watching people, watch him. He wanted to get out. He wanted go for a stroll and say "hi" to the neighbors he so very rarely saw. A "Good Morning Ma'am" to Barbara Giraffe, or "Top of the Morning to you Sir" to Nigel Hippo, both of whom had made him feel so welcome that first day when he was brought to the zoo.

So, when poor unsuspecting Shakia walked by with her "oh so yummy" cotton candy, and bright green balloon, Percy decided this was the time to make his move. With no zoo keepers in sight, he nimbly climbed over the wall, snatched her balloon , and started eating her cotton candy. Percy didn't have very good manners. Never did. In fact, there were a lot of things that Percy needed to learn about life on the outside.

We're getting ready to go on vacation and one of our stops is the National Zoo. I sure hope that we don't encounter a real live Percy snatching balloons and cotton candy from our hands! I'll be sure to say hi to Barabara and Nigel when we see them!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Girl be on the look out for Percy's brother Herman!!! He's out there trust me hee he hee heee! This was hilarious and fresh and filled with such adventure. This my dear has the makings of one of those fabulous stories that keep both and adult and child rolling and giggle all afternoon!!! I love it it. I truly love it. I hope that you are considering doing this as a whole story cause this would be a total HOOT!!!! Hands down. By the way I saw your newest illustration in our SCBWI quarterly! Fabulous work Girl. You are surely on a roll and this chic is so very proud of you! Congrats and I'll be the first in line for this wonderful book. YOU ROCK GIRLY!

Linda Kay said...

Very, very cute & funny! Love the story along with the illustration. Congrats also on the several illustrations in SCBWI quarterly magazine!

Michelle Henninger said...

Thanks so much ladies! You sure do know how to keep a girl plugging away! I really appreciate the support!


Mônica said...

I hope you have a great vacation, Michelle! And I have to say, Percy is one handsome bear. I love how you made him such a gentle bear, delicately and politely getting a bit of the candy. No need to be afraid of sweet Percy! :-)