Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello, everybody.  This is my first picture for WaWe, and I really enjoyed the challenge.  I'm still trying to establish a working method and style for illustration, so I kept it a bit loose and experimental and just tried to catch my own natural response to the idea of spring.  I would have liked to define all the elements better, but I couldn't do it without losing the softness and freshness of 'spring' that was the main point.
It comes pre-criticised by my better half:
'That's nice!  Is their kite stuck in the tree?'
'No they're just admiring the tree in flower.'
'Well why are they holding a string?'
'It's not a string, it's a branch that's hanging down - okay, I can see that part is not drawn well!!!'
It's great to be part of WaWe, I'll look forward to next month's challenges.


pat said...

very nice....made my allergies kick in a little :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh if this doesn't put a spring in your step then something is wrong with you! I love it.! You've got spring coming out of everywhere in this fabulous piece. I can smell the Cherry Blossoms he he he he! Great work!

Sara Koncilja said...

Love the colours!

Lyon said...

Welcome to WaWe! I can't wait for the trees to blossom out here. Thanks for the sneak preview!

Ιάνειρα said...

It's fabulous!
Spring is in the air...!

red-handed said...

It very careful and detailed but still relaxed.

annpil said...

Beautiful piece. Wonderful calm colors. Well done! just beautiful! :D