Monday, August 9, 2010

My book's trailer

My new book is due for release on Saturday. The publisher had a trailer made.

For your viewing pleasure: Smoky and the Feast of Mabon

Please help spread the word. :D

Still working on goaty pirates.


A Penny for Your Thoughts said...

My name is Penny Noble and I would love to join your site. My blog is http:/ you can see some examples of my work. I use acrylic paint. thank you for you site I enjoy seeing the artist works.

Sandy K. said...

Such a wonderful story and gorgeous illustrations. I love the fairy-tale aspect. Book trailers are a great way to advertise. Good luck with your sales!

Leen Christens said...

Congratulations on this book release. And how great that they made this lovely trailer along with it, it looks very inviting to buy the book!!

Linda Kay said...

The colors are beautiful--so happy for you!