Monday, August 30, 2010

Off to school

Hi everyone, this is my first contribution to WaWe, I'm really excited to have been invited and I look forward to seeing all your great work!

Two friends walking to school, I aggonised a bit before posting this, while the subject matter is appropriate and I did start with watercolours/inks but I also used a digital 'cut-out' technique to cut out all the shapes ( it's a little like cutting out paper shapes and sticking them down to form a picture).

You can see some other examples of this technique on my blog, you're all invited :)

- And as a footnote: down here in South Africa, kid's wear school uniforms.


Linda Kay said...

great image--I like the friendly exchange between the two & the background colors. Watercolor in any form is fine with us--even computerized. Welcome to WaWe!

k.h.whitaker said...

nice illustration, don't worry, I do a lot of my work digitally or combine it with watercolor, but they put up with me anyway ;) This is a great group. Oh and I love your watercolors on your blog. Lovely!

Leen Christens said...

It looks really great! You have some amazing work on your blog!! Very interesting!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Welcome to WaWe!!! Your work is wonderful. I had the chance to run over to you blog and check some of it out. Great job on this piece. Very nicely done indeed.

mitchowl said...

What a fun piece! I thought of my missionary son when I saw it. That's his "uniform" right now, too. ha ha. I LOVE the palette.

breignier said...

thanks guys, for all your kind words!
I can tell I'm really going to enjoy it here at WaWe :)
thanks again!

Becky said...

I really like the trees.

Welcome to WaWe. I too am a newbie and I am looking forward to posting.