Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chyna's Very Special Gift

This is my first character for our Christmas story layout. Her name is Chyna.
Chyna is around 7 or 8. Chyna is awe struck by the lights, bells and whistles of the
Christmas season. She has not a clue as to what to purchase for her
pen pal Lysan Tong who lives in Hong Kong.


Mônica said...

Wonderful, Vanessa! I love Chyna, she's got the cutest face and outfit. I also love how you left the background simple, just lines and a few colors, very bare but perfect. The attention is all on Chyna and her thoughts.
I have to say, I hope she heads to the art supplies store! :-)

krisztina maros said...

wow, really beautiful illo! Chyna's so lovely and your colours are alive in this background.

Linda said...

Chyna is beautiful! The colors you used are great & I too like the simplicity of the composition. Her expression is wonderful.

Lyon said...

Nice illo! :)

Lisa M Griffin said...

she is adorable... I am totally loving her scarf! =)
Looks like my Posey has the same stylista.
Thanks for sharing.

mitchowl said...

Very fun colors. I love the distorted perspective on Chyna. It makes her feel like she's a little off-balance as to how many stores and choices she's facing. Good job.

angelic pursuits said...

That's beautiful, Vanessa!