Thursday, December 11, 2008

The gift | 2nd sketch

Here's a more detailed sketch for my illustration project this month. I also did a few other sketches developing the character a bit, so you can definitely see where this storyline is going. I hope to have a color version soon. :-)


Lyon said...

I love your line work. This is such a happy story line. You know you are awesome, right?

I would just make one tiny suggestion. Your bunny is very cute, but I think his face is too long and narrow and he is looking a bit dog like. I'd pull the nose in closer to the back of the head and give him some fat cheeks or something to make his head a bit rounder and more rodent like. But that is being really nitpicky.

I so love the title of the knitting book. It made me laugh!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Love the hippity hoppity of this bunny... oh what energy you convey. Really nice series.

Mônica said...

Thanks Lyon and Lisa!
My bunnies do have long faces, don't they? Maybe a bit too long on these sketches... :-)

krisztina maros said...

i absolutely love this shopping bunny! so happy and alive sketches! i can't wait for color version!