Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Gift

Okay, this is my very first crack at the character that I will be
doing for this assignment. I don't know if she will remain the
same because I really would like to work on her some more.
I know she will be African American and the other child will be
Asian or Hispanic. I would like them to give gifts that somehow
speaks to the talent in both children. HELPPPPPPPPP!!


angelic pursuits said...

You're the best judge of what you want, but I think she's CUTE. I love her expression, clothes, body language. Is her friend an artist? If you wanted to hint about what she's considering, perhaps you could draw her in a mall/shopping center with the shops highlighted with what she's thinking about. It looks like you're going in that direction with what you already have. I look forward to seeing more!

Lyon said...

You have an amazing talent. I am constantly awed by your art. I think if you just focus a little on what you want, you'll get there.

I love this little girl character. Maybe she can be holding a couple of choices, too?

Can't wait to see its colored version.

PS. I'm almost out of "My Sista's Stuff" can I get some more? Pretty please?

Linda said...

She's adorable! looks like you're well on your way. One bit of advice I received at SCBWI conferences: depiction of Asian girls--don't use bangs for hairdo because it's stereotypical.
You're such a good artist--keep going with this wonderful idea.

mitchowl said...

Cute little girls. Lots of detail. I have trouble with detail so I appreciated it in others.

Man, I'm looking at all the other comments on here and their cute little pictures. I've got to do one for my profile. I feel like a loser. ha ha

Anonymous said...

This is great! Can't wait to see the colour version :)

Mônica said...

I really like the girl, she's so, so cute. I love her expression, you can see how hard she's thinking, trying to find the right gift for her friend. Your characters are always quite delightful and expressive...
Perhaps the gift could be something that speaks to their culture as a way to introduce each other to their worlds/history?
Whatever it is, it will be wonderful!

LEEZY said...

V, this is a wonderful character. I love her facial expression. She's really putting some thought into what gift to give her friend.

Looking forward to seeing more - oh, and what's her name?

Double Bravo - you were so fast to come up with her too, great work!