Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Every summer Vasthi looked forward to going to the
beach to see big Tobiah. He also looked forward
to seeing Vasthi for he knew that she would
always take care of dental hygiene. After his
four point check up Vasthi would put on a show.
hee hee hee!


mitchowl said...

How whimsical and fun. I love her flowing hair. It feels a tiny bit breezy on that beach I think. Your whale is precious. I think I want to hear the whole story.

Michelle Henninger said...

What a nice girl to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste for her oceanic friend (I hear whale breath is pretty stinky! hee hee)

I love it! I agree with Mitchowl, it is whimsical and lots of fun! And I love her dancing shadow. It's lovely!

Linda Kay said...

love the colors & she looks so happy to be helping the wonderful pink whale!
I'll be at the beach on vacation for a few days, so hope to have something to contribute!

angelic pursuits said...

This is so much fun, Vanessa! I adore the way that you create backgrounds. I love the way the colors mix, and I love how soft they are. And your characters are also so much fun, and you always create such whimsical situations. You're such a wonderful artist!

Mônica said...

Fun, fun, fun -- just what a day at the beach should be. I wish I had a friend like Tobiah, waiting for me at the beach!
I agree, lovely composition and colors, Vanessa!