Thursday, June 18, 2009

Take the 30 day Doodle Challenge

I got my copy of the Spring issue of MO Scribbles yesterday. I read an article on daily drawing for play and decided to take the daily doodle 30 day challenge.

My first attempt is here: on my web site blog. Take a peek and please leave me a comment.

Why not join me in the 30 day challenge? Let's egg each other on and see where we end up.



Diandra Mae said...

Sounds good Wendy! We're going out of town for a bit, so I'll start the challenge on July 1st.

I should have my dummy book mostly finished by then, and be able to participate in more all together.

Can't wait to see the work!

Mônica said...

That sounds like fun! I'll try to do it, though I'll probably post them in groups. I find that I do doodle frequently, but have a hard time posting everyday. Maybe a weekly post of 7 doodles? :-)

Lyon said...

The doodling is more important than the posting. :) Post when you can.