Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks For Play Time

We are so privileged to have such a wonderful occupation. How much fun is it to illustrate or create stories for children (and adults) and spend our hours playing with the materials of our childhood; paint, pencils, paper and all sorts of crafty bits and pieces? Thanks Giving is not something we celebrate in Australia but regularly I thank God for the life I have, for the gift of creativity and the comfort of a studio space to explore my craft.

Think about it for a minute: image after image magically appears, creatively birthed into existence when once it was just blank paper or canvas and paint or other media.  Anything created to give Joy to others is something to be celebrated but I am thankful that I get to enjoy the process of creation as well as the result of it.
I am thankful for sketchbook journaling in between work. It is a great way to just have a play.

This week I took some time off to enjoy journaling, not fussing over perfection, application or expectations of another viewer. It is a collection of random scribbling and collected moments in time. I had a totally indulgent play filling 3 pages and loved it. Sometime we forget why we started illustrating in the first place – because it is FUN!


Linda Kay said...

kayleen, you are so right. It's wonderful to be able to create, to find our childlike side, to express ourselves. We're blessed & I'm certainly thankful. thanks for sharing...

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Shamar Cely said...

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Anonymous said...
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