Monday, May 25, 2009

Field Day

Field Day with dogs at the park! Another thing I remember from the Arkansas conference is to use stop action in illustrations but have something still moving (a scarf, hair, kite), so I used the dog in the background. Without the little dog in the background (try covering it with your thumb), everything totally stops & becomes too stiff. Hummm...hopefully it's working here. I've still got to create "May Flowers" & "School's Out!" School is out for me at the end of this week--maybe I'll be able to keep up better!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

wonderful illustration. That dog has lots of personality and so do the ducks. Amazing work.

Michelle Henninger said...

Fantastic! I love the dog investigating the chickies. Our dog would be upside down on her back begging for the chicks to crawl all over her! This poochie has a lot more restraint! I really like the coloring. Nicely done!

Cheryl said...

Way to go - latching on to something for yourself and working it into your work. Nice job.