Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Schools OUT!

Moranda Carlos was even happier than the children that the school year was ending.
As soon as the last kid left she did her happy dance!
hee hee hee! Even teachers are excited about school being out.


MONICA said...

Haapy post :D congratulattions for this ilustration. Thanks for your visit my collage photos from Portugal. kisses and regards from spain.

Linda said...

Oh yes! This is all of the teachers at my school! What a fun image--so much energy!

Michelle Henninger said...

Great take V! I'm pretty certain that there will be one or two teachers at our elementary school who will be kicking up their heels! Way to capture a moment:)

Cheryl said...

This is exactly how we feel at my school. And, yes, we still have a few more days. (thurs.) Of course, the heels are long gone :)