Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Post before school

Can you believe it??? School already?? Seems we just got out yesterday. I do love this time of year. Fall is wonderful and not just because was born in the fall. I love the smell of the crisp air and colorful leaves. Apples and carmel! It's wonderful. I just don't want the summer to end just yet. I didn't get chance to go to circus this summer so I draw a picture of it. It's watercolor and collage. Have a good one everyone!!!


Carla said...

Ooooh...aaaaah...I love this one! Light and colorful.

Yes, that is the down-fall of summer: they don't sell caramel apples in the flea markets. But here comes autumn and I'm ready for my piece of healthy fruit smothered with pure sugar. I'll be paying my dentist's car notes come this January.

Linda Kay said...

Vanessa--this is beautiful. love the collage--it's a great look. Those legs are so funny--love them!

sruble said...

This is really fun Vanessa! I like the collage and watercolor. Are you thinking of exploring this style more? BTW, I LOVE the puppy/lion! So cute!