Thursday, August 6, 2009


Terry explained to the new girl that Tameka was in the habit
of listening to feel good music and poetry daily before classes.
It kept her lifted all day long.
hee he hee he! Have a good one everyone.


Robert Snyder said...

I really like this image. Great job.

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Janine said...

Oh yes, it was just like that....almost.
When I look at this picture, it is like it was, when I went to school.
O.k., we didn´t have to wear uniforms and we had no iPod. Our walkmen were big like shoeboxes but it was so wonderful to share the favourite music with a friend.
What a great invention it was. Ahhh "music-to-go".
Have a lovely day

mitchowl said...

Very cool. Love the lean. Really gives this piece movement. Your characters are, as always, right on. Good job.

Carla said...

I can't believe you were a phlebotomist before becoming an illustrator. This is great.

Michelle Henninger said...

What a fun one V! That's how I feel when I'm mowing the lawn listening to my iPod and signing away (thankfully the drone of the lawn mower drowns out the drone of my singing! :) )

Fantastic image as always my friend!

Amberbop said...

I absolutely love this illustration. It's so fresh. I will now commence to blog stalk you.

This site seems so cool. I'd love to be a member.

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neounicron said...

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