Thursday, August 20, 2009

About Blogs and CD covers

Hi All,

It's been a super busy summer. I have been slowly but steadily catching up on several years worth of projects from my to-do list that the enforced down time of this year have given me the luxury of doing. While they are not specifically watercolor, I thought I'd share the pretty pictures anyway.

I am also blogging about children's book illustrators with interviews, if you know of anyone interested give me a holler. I have recently added a follow my blog badge to my blog and would love it if you all would follow me. Daily Art Food. I have been doing facial expressions for my daily doodle challenge. Some of the images are quite amusing.

I finished a quilt I started back at the beginning of the decade. Eep!

I finished the CD cover but have to ask permission before I can show you guys. The album was supposed to go to press in mid September, but there have been some delays, so who knows when it will happen.


Carla said...

That quilt is fantastic! I own a very expensive German-made sewing machine but never use it. Have you ever considered illustration in quilt?

Lyon said...

I have done story quilts in the past, as well a quilt sculpture, but it's been a while and I am not allowed to start any new projects until ALL the other projects I have in progress are done. I promised my husband. *eg*

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

the quilt is fantastic! Yes Carla said it best. I love all the wonderful shapes and colors. you really do wonderful work Wendy. i can tell you really put a lot of time into the piece and it shows. Great work.

Sandy K. said...

I appreciate down time so much more than I used to. The quilt is beautiful, and can't wait to see the CD cover. Enjoy the time!

Linda Kay said...

love the quilts! I've always admired quilters. That pattern is wonderful. Faith Ringgold used to do story quilts before she got into children's book writing & illustration. They are beautiful quilts & I had the privilege of meeting her two years ago--she's very a very gracious, amazing person & seems receptive to interviews & sharing with other artists. Great projects you've got going!