Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sruble: Kitties at the Beach

This week I used a technique that I’ve never tried before, glazing. For those who don’t know, glazing is where you build up thin layers of color instead of just laying down one color from the beginning (which is what I usually do). It was fun, but frustrating to wait for layers to dry, and of course I cheated a few times and painted before a layer was completely dry (I couldn’t help myself).

Here it is; the original is a bit brighter. What do you think?


Remus and Romulus at the beach

Remus and Romulus at the beach


Next time I try glazing, I’m going to try mixing more colors through layering.


Carla said...

This is lovely. It has the right amount of ink-work; not too heavy, not too light. And I'll have to try that glazing technique myself.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I think it's lovely and bright. You did a wonderful job on this piece. The kitties look happy to be out their too. It's bright enough too. I agree with Carla the amounts are just right. Keep working on it. The more control you will get as you do. When working with watercolors or glazing it's a science. It's just paper. Play around until you find what works for you. Don't lock yourself down into how it should be either. You then limit yourself. Give yourself permission to play and enjoy the process. You are doing a fine joy. Think of it as playing and you will find some many other ways to control it! great work!

Lyon said...

I use a hair dryer to speed up drying between glazes. ;)

Nearly all of my painting is done with glazing techniques. Yup, there are more than one.

You did a great job!

When I am working on a book, I do each layer of glazing on all the pages, then by the time I have finished the last page the first one is dry and I can add the new glaze. Sort of like a production line. I sometimes have paintings laid out from the studio into the dining room. LOL

Lyon said...

I took this artist's workshop. Amazing color techniques and it's all glaze.

Roberta said...

I've never tried glazing but it sounds fun!

sruble said...

Thanks Carla! If you try the glazing, let me know how you like it.

Thanks Vanessa! I'm going to continue to play with it. I come from an acrylics background, so watercolor really is where I get to play. I already have something fun planned for next week; I did the sketch today!

Thanks Wendy! I've used a hair dryer sometimes too, but I prefer to let it air dry. Depending on the amount of water or type of paint, hair drying vs. air drying seems to give different results ... but not always. Gotta love how unpredictable watercolor is.

I think if I were using that process for a whole book, I'd probably do it the whole book through like you described. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

Roberta, I hope you get a chance to try it - let me know if you like it. It can be fun, but hard to wait for the paint to dry. ;)

Linda Kay said...

Love the texture and the background...great technigue you've got going. Kitties are some of my favorite people! They all have such great personalities.

sruble said...

Thanks Linda! Kitties are some of my favorite people too ;)