Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gilda Rushmount Our Cafeteria Lady

She was the best cafeteria Lady the school ever had.
The students and teachers all said that Ms. Gilda made
the best chicken noodle soup this side of the East Coast.
Said there was magic in it. Only Ms. Gilda really knew.


Janine said...

She really looks like a hard working woman.
She reminds me of my aunt.

Carla said...

She looks peaceful, and confident about her skills. She looks like she takes pride in cooking. This is definitely a peaceful illo; reminds me of home...I probably took that too far, but it's the truth.

Julia said...

Sounds like the kind of cafeteria lady everyone would love to have making them yummy chicken noodle soup! Really lovely illo!

Linda Kay said...

She looks so stern but also looks like one of those women who light up with a smile on occasion!

sruble said...

Gilda looks like she means business, like nothing gets in the way of her making lunch. Love her apron too - nice touch, makes the cafeteria lady show a bit of her personality.