Thursday, September 17, 2009

School Lunch

Time has been eluding me lately, so although I do plan on painting it soon, I wanted to make sure I got the sketch up this week at least. Sigh.


Tory Climer and her classmates at Lake Bristoe Elementary hated school lunch. Not only was Mrs Towner the oldest lunch lady at the school, she was also the worst cook. Although her "specials" were infamous in the town of Bristoe for their repulsiveness, today's "welcome back" lunch had to have topped the chart: Brussels Sprout - Cod Yogurt, and Meat-in-a-Can. "Why do I subject myself to this day after day?" Tory wondered as she gazed upon the Meat-in-a-Can. She could have sworn she saw it slithering across her plate.


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OOOH Man does this bring back memories!!!! And really, really, bad stomach aches! EEWWWWWW! I love this picture. This is truly a school lunch indeed! Awesome. I'm waiting with baited breathe for more!

Janine said...

Ha ha, they really look unhappy.
I guess the school lunch is not made but jamie oliver

Carla said...

You managaged to convey a load of attitude in each and every face of the characters!

Linda Kay said...

great image--wonderful interaction between the kids! Congrats on getting two more images in SCBWI's Bulletin!

sruble said...

The lunch lady's expression is great! Can't wait to see your kids and their school lunch in color.