Sunday, September 20, 2009

Voting Starts Today for ABC's Children's Picture Book Competition

Today is the official start of voting for the ABC's Children's Picture Book Competition!!

This year, two Watercolor Wednesday members are finalists: Michelle Henninger, and Roberta Baird!!
Please support them by casting your vote!

Vote once daily (until Oct 4), and check out both of their blogs for give-a-ways and other fun stuff!!

"Bella Upside Down" Blog (Summer K Hall/Michelle Henninger)
"Sorry Doesn't Clean It Up" Blog (Wendy Rogalinski/Roberta Baird)


Roberta said...

Thanks Michelle.... I say we call this one a tie... get both our books published and throw a big book signing party!!!

Gosh this exhausting... isn't it?
But fun too!

Michelle Henninger said...

Absolutely Roberta!!! A tie, a book signing, and maybe even a little (or a lot) chocolate just because we deserve it after all of this! :)

Only two weeks to go!!!

Carla said...

...I'm on my way right now...