Thursday, October 29, 2009

Favorite Halloween Character (Mummy) - sruble

I decided to do a favorite character that I like to draw. I love drawing simple ghosts like these from last week, but for this prompt I decided to do a mummy, which is also fun. This is a more traditional mummy than the ones I usually do, so I played with texture in the background and added the little dog.

Oh No!

Oh No!


Lyon said...

Hey, Steph! I thought you were going to do something fast and simple for this prompt. This is very detailed drawing for you. Hee.

I love the background texture and the little dog is so naughty.

mitchowl said...

Love it! So funny, and I love the colors.

ratu lakhsmita indira said...

"Three ghosts knocking on my door,
I gave them candy now they want more!
Down the street, here comes a nurse
and a mummy clearly under a curse."


MONICA said...

Fantastic mummy!! happy halloween.
So funny :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

he he he he he he! It's cute and hilarious! I love it! Have a Happy!

sruble said...

Thanks Wendy ...BTW, that was the plan! But like I said, the fast and simple ones never end up that way!

Thank you mitchowl!

Thanks for the poem Ratu! I like it! Is it yours?

Thank you Monica! Happy Halloween to you too!

Thanks Vanessa! Have a Happy! (that sounds like my dad, only he says, "Have a Good!") :)

Linda Kay said...

great texture in the background & the colors are great--especially love that little puppy!

Cheryl said...

I just hope he has something on under there. That doggie looks determined.

sruble said...

Thanks Linda Kay!

Cheryl, you're right. Ha! I hope the mummy has something on under there too!