Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interview with illustrator Matt Phelan

Visit my blog to read about Matt Phelan, award winning illustrator of "The Higher Power of Lucky," as he answers questions about his new graphic novel and his other work.

Please spread the word to any others who you think might be interested.


I've been on book tour for most of the last month or so. I am slowly digging out from under all the accumulated "have-to"s and hope to be able to jump into the month's illustration prompts this afternoon. Yeah! Miss you guys!


sruble said...

Great interview Wendy - I checked it out yesterday!

Michelle Henninger said...

Love Matt's stuff! Thanks for the link and the interview Wendy!!

Linda Kay said...

Wendy: thanks for linking us to the interview--I enjoyed it very much!

Lyon said...

You're all welcome. More interviews coming up. A well known "name" for December.