Thursday, October 22, 2009

Picture Book Directory competition

Thought WaWe Members might want to know about this:
The deadline for entering competition is October 31st (pressure!) & two winnners will be selected to win a page in Picturebook 2011. Runner-ups will win portfolio subscriptions.


Lyon said...

I had a paid full page ad in 2006 and a paid quarter page ad in this year. Number of calls/queries = 0.

I think the illustration annuals are a dinosaur from the past and they are looking for people to contact for paid placement by holding a contest for hopeful artists.

sruble said...

I got the email for the contest too. I was thinking about entering, but don't have a piece I really want to enter for it ... yet.

I know what you mean about them being a dinosaur Wendy, but I do think they still get used by some, along with websites and blogs and such. seems to be the same thing in digital form. It's all chance anyway. The art director has to be looking for your style of art in the book that you advertised in, etc. But people have found work through them, just not everyone.

Sometimes an art director has to see your art several times to make a connection, and sometimes they want to give you work, but don't have any projects that fit ... or so I've heard.

Then again, if you win the contest, a free page is a free page, right?

Mônica said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Linda. I did not know about it... Since it's for a free page is definitely worth a try!