Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blue bird

It's wednesday, at least for the next 12 minutes, so I thought I'd post something I'm working on for self promotion.
This is one page of a board book concept. It's our basic color color book.
I'm in the process of painting the pages now. I have 7 done and 3 more to do, as well as some alternate pages to choose from.
This is the blue page.
The type is to make it clear what I'm doing. It will most likely change when I get feed back from the graphically inclined.
The finished size of the book is supposed to be 5" by 10" opened up. It will have rounded corners.


Leen Christens said...

It looks great and dynamic! Also a lot of success with the book you are working on! Thumbs up!

Linda Kay said...

Great work--go for it & good luck with it. Would love to have you share the process of making your book with our WaWe members. How do you put the actual book together? Do you make the book, then print the images & glue them down? When you market it, what will you do?(that sort of thing)