Thursday, May 27, 2010

More board book art

I've posted more art on my blog for a combination self promo piece and book dummy.
The book is a children's board book for kids from birth to 6 years old. You know, the thick cardboard pages that the young 'uns like to chew on.
Each image is a 2 page spread. Each spread features a bird of a certain color. Red Bird, blue bird, green bird,...
There will be 10 spreads in all and a wrap around cover.
I wanted to keep the art simple without being simple and flat.
Here's a peek...

I have 9 more images posted on my blog     here.
I didn't want to take up too much space here.
There have been some great images being posted in the past weeks.
Sorry I haven't been able to comment on them. I'm liking what I'm seeing!
Keep it up!

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Linda Kay said...

Thanks so much for sharing your book adventure. It looks great & lots of luck with it when it "wings" it way to a publisher! I know it'll find a great home!