Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outdoor Cat Festival - sruble

After I sketched this out, it occurred to me that Dr. Seuss had already drawn a cat wearing a hat. I decided to finish the picture anyway.

Cats Wearing Hats

These cats are obviously on their way to an outdoor festival. Why else would they be wearing hats? Please visit sruble.com to learn more about my art and projects, or my blog to see more recent art.


Lyon said...

I love the swirlies! Nice color and idea, not at all Suess-like.

Linda Kay said...

Stephanie: I love this--we can never have too many cats with hats! love the swirls & the whole design...great image

Lady Good Nectar said...

How sweet is this illustration!!! Omg! How wonderful. These are adorable characters for a festival. I so enjoyed this! BTW this is Vanessa signing in on another system. I just had to come by and see the fabulous work of our WAWE members. This Rocks!!!

Gay McKinnon said...

I agree, we need plenty more cats in hats, and these are very different from Dr Seuss - sort of chic actually, high fashion cats, I'm loving it.