Friday, February 13, 2009

Cave | Just a Sketch

I haven't been posting regularly, but I wanted to at least post the sketch for my idea for "Cave." This topic made me think of the one cave I would love to visit (though the real one is closed now): Lascaux, where one can see the most amazing prehistoric art.

That was my idea for a quick spot, done quickly in pencil. The next topic is coming up soon, so I'll try to post a finished piece for it!


Debbie Flood said...

Monica, hi.
I like this sketch!! It has a horse in it!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippee!
Ahem...I'm only a 'little' horse crazy...hee hee.
This will make a great painting too.
I can see this as a neat story. The little girl discovers this cave and she only tells one best friend about it and they go on great adventures together in there!
My mind has been on a super over loaded fast track lately. I have so many ideas myself...I need to harness it!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is really a great idea for cave and of course I just love the sketch. This is fabulous I know what you mean about posting. I've been doing some work and just not finding the time to post. I do plan to get back in the swing. I can't wait to see this finished!!!

Linda said...

Monica, I love this idea--I've always had a fascination with caves & have wanted to see the real cave drawings. Nice loose drawing that says a lot.

Heather said...

Great Lascaux painting. I love the way you got in the primitive style of the cave paintings and your own at the same time.