Sunday, February 15, 2009


Who wouldn't love a Great Dane Cave?! The more I work, the more I realize good paper makes a difference! The first image (girl pony-back riding Great Dane) was done on fairly thin hot pressed watercolor paper, and the color isn't working well. This image is on heavier medium-rough watercolor paper, and the color seems to work better. Does anyone else fight with their paper? I'm constantly trying to find just the right paper.


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Yes, yes, paper is everything when it comes to watercolor. This is wonderful.

angelic pursuits said...

I feel like I'm being Vanessa's shadow -- I mean to say what she says before I've read her comment.

Good paper IS everything, especially with the color. I personally use Fabriano soft-press and really like it (cold press or rough press always have too many bumps that get in my way!), but I also like cold press, as long as it's professional paper. I read some artist say that, given the choice between professional paints and paper, he'd always choose the paper.

And this piece is beautiful. I agree with you that I prefer the way it turned out better than your other paper. Good work, Linda.


love love love your blog...
so glad I found you today...
you girls have a great week..
mona & the gaffer girls
ps.. everywhere I turn today wonderful talent..too much fun

Debbie Flood said...

Hi Linda,
I use Cresent Premium Watercolor board. it is 100% acid free all the way through. It is museum quality.
I use cold press, and occasionally hot press.
Because it is a board, it takes a lot of scrubbing/lifting and high detail!
Since I discovered it, I never went back to the papers.
Funny you did this gray spotted dane! I have a photo of a baby boy sitting on one, while it was laying down. I've been going to paint it, just never got to it! LOL.
Love yours...both of them!