Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cave Illustration

This is my watercolor illustration for the week of February 8 - 14th. Theme this week is 'Cave'.
So here is my rendition of 'Cave'. I used my dog as a model. My dog is black, but I thought some spots would lend to some fun colors and play.
I am always saying to my dog, when putting my boys to bed, "get into your cave". One particular night my dog Chandler was waiting, hanging out in his 'cave' waiting for my teen son to come to bed. I took a whole bunch of photos and loved this one best, with his eyes looking up at me.

I then came to this Blog and saw the theme 'Cave' and I thought of this image! I didn't have much time this week slotted out for this exercise. So, this painting was started this morning. There are things in it that I would love to fix. Like the back of the crate. Things aren't lined up the way I would like back there and more detail would be put into the whole piece. But all in all, I like what transpired in just a few hours time. This may lend itself well, for a more finished piece at some point.

Debbie Flood


mitchowl said...

Good job! I love his expression. He really looks like he's banned to the cave, ha ha. And welcome to WW!

Heather said...

Beautiful soulful eyes on that dog. I was so busy looking at the dog I never even noticed the back of the crate. Welcome to WW.

Linda said...

He's adorable with such a wonderful expressive look on his face! great image

Michelle Henninger said...

Great dog! I love the perspective you use on him. I want to curl up right there with him! And like Heather, I was so focused on the pooch, I didn't even take a look at the crate. :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Wow this is just wonderful!!! What a great job you did on this. Poor thing looks like he doesn't want to be in the cave called a crate he he he he! Beautiful work.