Monday, September 15, 2008

Island Dancing

"With the embarrassing seatbelt-extension episode on the plane forgotten, Ella had a great time learning the hula."

I had a great time with this illo. I kind of liked the colors that happened. I inked this first, then painted with gouache. When dry, I held it under a stream of warm water and let it wash off the extra paint. I had some happy accidents when the paint washed off in patches in the sky making clouds.

I've really been inspired by everyone this last 2 weeks. I haven't taken the time to comment as I have started 3 classes and put in overtime at work this last week, but I've loved them all. Good job everyone!


Linda T. Snider Ward said...

very cute! She looks so happy with herself to be doing the hula!

Bella Sabbagh said...

Ella looks so happy! Thanks for explaining your technique - what a lovely result!

Mônica said...

Well, Ella is such an adventurous little elephant! I love the lei around her neck, and her body posture. She's really moving!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Two illustrations in one HA! I love it! I hope you posted this one at IF as well! This is two cute. Great work on this one.