Thursday, September 4, 2008

Princeton's Umbrella

Princeton Pig was always very bright. He always carried an extra umbrella for just such an occasion.
I want to thank everyone for your very kind words and support. You have become my friends. I
look forward to coming to WW to see what everyone is up to. It really inspires me. Each of you
have been so kind and supportive and I am so very humbled by kindness. May God
bless each of you with more creativity than ever before. From the bottom of my heart
thank you for the Spotted Bunny Award. I will cherish this moment always.


angelic pursuits said...

I was hoping you'd get the Spotted Bunny award this month! You really are a fun artist, and it's true that you are so kind and uplifting with so many great and helpful comments. You also are quite witty! This is a fun illo, Vanessa. I also hope you can have your illo dreams come true, too!

linda sarah said...

Vanessa, I LOVE this dancing pig with all his colors and cake and joy:-) - he is a big invitation to grab an umbrella (and of course some cake) and go and swirl and twirl in the rain:-)


I am SO SO SO HAPPY and dancing around that you won the spotted bunny award. You very much, completely deserve this. I love your work - and am a big fan - it always, always takes me to that best place of playfulness, carefreeness and feeling all of seven years old again:-) You are so wonderfully talented and I wish you zillions of new ideas and huge bundles of paper and bright paints to let them fly.

I also want to thank you so much for your wonderfully supportive words - I read them and smile and they become especially like treasures in those big moments of doubt...

So thank you, thank you - and YIPPEEEE!!!!! and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! and MAZELTOV!!!!!

Have a beautiful, creative, celebratory day (with lots of cake:-)

linda xx

PS: I LOVE your banner - it's beautiful and full of the best watercolor wednesday magic:-)

Lisa M Griffin said...

Look at that fantastic umbrella. What a sharp dressed pig he is... maybe we should "introduce" him to my lil Posey Pig, I think they would make a striking pair.

Congrats on the Spotted Bunny - very well deserved for a very inspirational artist and woman.

Have a good weekend.

Mônica said...

Indeed, congrats on the well deserved award! :-) I think I left a message on your blog saying how much I love the art on the banner celebrating your Spotted Bunny Award, it's so beautiful and airy!
And you have a gift for colors and patterns! Just look at Princeton Pig's outfit and umbrella and his tasty cakes.
You are a fantastic and generous artist, Vanessa! :-)

enigma said...

congrats vanessa! i always like your works. this pig is so fun and cheerful. love it!

Linda T. Snider Ward said...

what a fun & happy pig he is! He's off to a great adventure to make some uphappy little child laugh & dance! Nice image.

Michelle Henninger said...

Ahhh, Vanessa, it's always a treat to see your artwork! I love this fun illo! Your piggie looks like he's having the time of his life twirling in the rain! Nice!! (Congratulations on the Spotted Bunny, you so deserve it!!)

Amy Farrier said...

another dashing character! and so well-prepared for rain (cake umbrella! clever). congratulations on the spotted bunny. your ability to create such fun, vibrant, well-composed illustrations every time for the prompts keeps me inspired.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this pig is so lovely, always fun to see your work! You really deserve the bunny award!!!! I'm so happy for you. Keep on to feed us with your brillant work! ;)