Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Elephant Fairies for Watercolor Wednesday

Apparently I have a harder time drawing fairies than elephants. The Watercolor Wednesday challenge this week was really a challenge (it was actually more of a challenge with human fairies than elephant ones). I won't show the human version - yikes! That's headed to the shredder tomorrow.

Here are my 2 tries with elephant fairies. The first one wasn't working at all, so I put it aside and painted the second one. Then I felt bad for the first one, went back and added and reworked it, and now I'm not sure which one I like better. Which one do you like best?

Earth Day Elephant Fairy and Superhero

Earth Day Elephant Fairy Too


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

How absolutely clever of you of you!!!! Do you hear me applauding right now! BRAVO! How great and brilliant was this work of art. I love them both. Like right out a famous children's book! Excellent for Earth day or any day!!!

Linda said...

Excellent! I really like both but the single elephant w/part of worlds showing is very strong. Great images.

Lyon said...

They remind me of Barbar. Which is a compliment since that particular elephant is world famous. (And one of my childhood favs.)

It's a tie here, too.

Mônica said...

I too like both images, they both work. Very creative and fun, elephant fairies! I love their wings!

Cheryl said...

Very fun, indeed. I think do a third and have a series.

sruble said...

Vanessa, the applause is much appreciated after the difficulty the fairies gave me ;)

Thank you Linda!

Thanks Wendy; I love Babar! We saw a museum exhibit on Babar last year. It was amazing. DH got me the book for Christmas. If you're interested - look for the book, "Drawing Babar"

Thanks Monica!

Cheryl, I didn't think about doing a series. Thanks for the suggestion and the comments.

angelic pursuits said...

Fun! I have to say that I like the bottom one best. I like your choice of colors and composition in it.

sruble said...

Thank you Angela! Composition can be a struggle sometimes, so your comment made me feel like I got it right this time. Thanks!