Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Web site crit please?

I am so woefully behind. I will catch up soon, I promise. Still digging out from under because I couldn't work for two months!

I've spent the last week revamping my web site. All the links are active except for the visits section.

What do you think?


Linda said...

Lyon (Wendy): The site looks great & has a wonderful opening image. It's very user friendly--I went to all of the categories & really like that one can click on icon & see large image...nicely done. The only thing I see is that I had to click the arrow back and back again and again to get to home page...maybe it's just me. The overall site is excellent...very user friendly. Great artwork & I like the category break down. Do you do your own web page design & everything?

Lyon said...

The home page link is in the banner on top and bottom. Guess it's not as intuitive as I thought.

I started doing web design back in the 90s when it first became public and images were very basic indeed. The media has changed so much! What I knew then is of no use at all now.

I do the design work in Photoshop and break it down in ImageReady. Then I do the layout/coding in Dreamweaver. Once you do a few it's like using any other program.

Thanks for the kind words.

angelic pursuits said...

Your site really does look nice. I agree with everything Linda said, except I didn't have the same problem going back to the home page. Good work!