Sunday, April 19, 2009

Question for Stephanie

I see on your live journal you have decided to post a drawing a day. Kudos to you for actually succeeding so far. How have you accomplished this? I can't seem to maintain any kind of regular schedule in my creative output and would love some pointers from you.


sruble said...

Hey Wendy, sorry it took so long to respond. I had lots of art due yesterday (possible new client - wish me luck!).

Getting started doing one a day is the hardest part. Once you get on a roll, it gets easier. There seems to be a momentum that builds (I've found this other times when I did challenges, like cow a day or dog a day for a year). The momentum can wear off, like this week after finishing a big art deadline for something else. But then you just have to start again.

There are days when it's hard to get one done (thus the midnight postings) and other things that need to slide a bit, like reading and commenting on blogs. I'm not doing as much of that since I started, but maybe that's not so bad.

Remembering that it can be a sketch and it doesn't have to be perfect helps. Also, you can start sketches or do a bit of the color before the day you're going to post it. It doesn't all have to be done that day, unless you are behind and have to squeeze it in.

It's also easier to do one a day if you don't have to post them to the blog, because that involves scanning and posting, which takes time. If you just do a small sketch or a painting and don't post it, it's easier to do it.

I think making the public announcement that I was doing it also helped. It makes you feel like you have to do it or you'll let people down (not that tons of people read my blog, but you know...).

Hope that helped!

sruble said...

Just had a thought. Do you mind if I post your question and my answer on my blog in the future (maybe next week for Art Day)? I think there might be other people with the same question or who are wondering how to get started doing a project like this.

Lyon said...

Sure. No problem!

Now I just have to figure out where I stored my can of instant momentum spray....

Debbie Flood said...

Hope you don't mind me jumping in here.
I've been painting and posting a child a day in watercolor. I do them Monday- Friday, weekends and holidays off.
Before I launched it, I completed the first week (5 paintings) the week before the launch & they are no bigger than 5 x 7. So I am a week ahead with my paintings. That gives me a day or 2 during the week to work on other necessary work in the studio and marketing, or taking care of the household or whatever comes up. & once that momentum gets's hard to stop! I also just purchased a Domain name for my project too.

sruble said...

Thanks Wendy. Hey wait, instant momentum comes in a spray these days? I am SO going to have to get a can of that! :)

Thanks for weighing in Debbie. I was wondering how you were doing on your every day painting project. Taking off weekends and holidays sounds like a really sane way to do that. Maybe I should try it next time I take on a project like this. Good luck with your paintings; I hope it turns out to be a fun and rewarding project for you.

Debbie Flood said...

Hi & thanks Stephanie!
My project is going well! I just completed an international interview this week, because of this project and a short blurb on the SCBWI DE/Maryland/WV blog!
I've also got some really great paintings that I have to exhibit!
It has all been positive so far!
It's a very hectic project, but I am enjoying it! I thrive on deadlines and being busy & I love the subject matter.