Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fairies Bearing Gifts

I had posted the little fairy sitting on the mushroom a few weeks back. She is
part of set that I did. Here is the other as well as one that I did
digitally with in Corel. I sure hope I find one of them or
one of yours in the backyard this spring. Everyone keep your
eyes peeled! he he he!!! Happy Spring!


Mônica said...

Oh, they're cute! I love their wings, such beautiful colors and design, Vanessa!

Roberta said...

Oh my Vanessa... these are beautiful!
I'm going to be extra careful when doing my yardwork for sure!!

Love love love them!!!

angelic pursuits said...

The top one is absolutely fantastic, Vanessa! (I like the other ones, too.) I don't normally like a broken up line, but I really like hers. The colors, the sparkles, the expression, her pose are impeccable. It's beautiful!

(By the way, thanks for being so encouraging. You make a terrific cheerleader!)

Linda said...

Vanessa, these are all so beautiful! I love fairies...I think I spotted one earlier in my yard! Great color & great job with these ladies!

Cheryl said...

I want to find one in my sketchpad. They are so clever and cute. Lovely work.

sruble said...

I love both illustrations - excellent colors and much fun! The top fairy is so sparkly and I bet the coffee/tea/hot chocolate she's offering would be yummy. I think my favorite is the bottom illustration though. It looks like they had so much fun shopping, and I'd like to go with them.